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Elara’s Tricolor Sphere Chandelier

Rs. 71,999.00 Rs. 59,999.00

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Elara’s Tricolor Sphere Chandelier

Elara’s Tricolor Sphere Chandelier

Rs. 71,999.00 Rs. 59,999.00

Elara’s Tricolor Sphere Chandelier

  • Specifications:
    • Fixture Material: Crafted from stainless metal and acrylic, Elara exudes durability and sophistication.
    • Globe Shade Finish: Choose from three enchanting finishes: Chrome, Brass, and Copper.
    • Fixture Design: Versatility awaits—clustered arrangement, random tiered layout, or captivating spiral formation.
    • Number of Spheres of Light: A mesmerizing 28 spheres cast their radiant glow.
    • Length of Hanging Wires: Customize the chandelier’s height with adjustable wires.
    • Canopy Finish: Sleek round metal canopy available in chrome.
  • Lighting Source:
    • Lamp Type: Efficient integrated LEDs
    • Dimmable: Default non-dimmable; add a note for “dimmable” during purchase if needed.
  • Radiant Ambiance:
    • Elara’s spheres form a celestial constellation, casting a diffused ambient glow.
    • Perfect for grand staircases, welcoming foyers, and elegant living rooms.
  • Easy Installation:
    • Elara arrives pre-wired and pre-threaded, ready for mounting.
    • Clear, easy-to-understand instructions ensure hassle-free setup.
  • Package and Warranty:
    • Impeccably packaged, Elara arrives in perfect condition.
    • Enjoy peace of mind with a 1-year warranty.
  • Places to Illuminate:
    • Lobby: Imagine Elara suspended above a grand marble floor, welcoming guests with its celestial radiance. The lobby transforms into an opulent gateway, setting the tone for a luxurious experience.
    • Tall Ceiling Restaurant: Elara’s 28 spheres illuminate the dining area and glow warmly on polished wooden tables and plush chairs. Patrons savor their meals under its magical ambiance, creating unforgettable dining moments.
    • Bar Decor: Elara becomes the centerpiece of the bar, its shimmering globes reflecting in crystal-clear glasses. Bartenders mix cocktails under its captivating light, infusing the space with sophistication and energy.
    • Foyer: As you step into the foyer, Elara’s chandelier draws your gaze upward. Its soft glow guides visitors, creating an inviting atmosphere. The foyer becomes a place of transition and wonder.
    • High-Ceiling Restaurant: Elara graces the high-ceilinged restaurant, its light dancing across exposed beams and ornate moldings. Diners converse, enchanted by its elegance—a feast for the senses.
    • Entrance: Elara announces your arrival. Whether in a hotel or a chic boutique, its presence whispers sophistication and luxury. Guests step into a world where every detail matters.
    • Elevated Ceiling Restaurant: Picture Elara suspended above a mezzanine level, casting a warm halo on diners below. The restaurant becomes a haven of culinary delight, bathed in its radiant glow.
    • Vestibule: Elara’s light spills into the vestibule, guiding guests toward the heart of the building. A prelude to the wonders within, it beckons with grace and allure.
    • Lofty Ceiling Restaurant: In a converted warehouse or an industrial-chic space, Elara’s chandelier adds a touch of glamour. The lofty ceiling becomes a canvas for its brilliance, inspiring awe and conversation.

Wherever Elara hangs, it orchestrates a symphony of light and architecture—a magical experience for all who behold it.