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Wing Bling Bird Crystal Chandelier

Rs. 77,999.00 Rs. 48,599.00

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Wing Bling Bird Crystal Chandelier

Wing Bling Bird Crystal Chandelier

Rs. 77,999.00 Rs. 48,599.00
  • Wing Bling Flying Birdie Crystal Chandelier: A high-quality chandelier with a unique design.
  • LED Bulbs: Comes with high-quality GU10 LED bulbs included.
  • Size Options: Available in a variety of sizes to suit different spaces.
  • Easy Installation: The chandelier is semi-assembled at the time of dispatch for easy installation.
  • Maintenance-Free: The LED light is maintenance-free, eliminating the need for light bulbs.
  • Versatile Addition: A perfect addition to various spaces such as your living room, foyer, kitchen, and more.
  • Crystals: Uses 40mm K9 crystals for a sparkling effect.
  • Delivery Time: Takes around 10 days for delivery.
  • Made in India: Proudly made in India.